December 15 marks Cat Herder’s Day, and of course, being Our Cat Herder, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate.

We decided to do a series of cat tweets to highlight both the features of board meetings and of our software.

Rather than send you over to Twitter (but feel free to head over and follow us), here are some of our favourites from Saturday:

In case you’re wondering, we didn’t invent Cat Herder’s Day. It doesn’t refer to an actual job of herding cats; rather, it’s a bit of a fun day for anyone who has to manage people in any capacity. Because if you do, we think you’ll agree that sometimes, it is a bit like herding cats into one place.

It’s why we like our name, because we know that running a board can be a bit like herding cats. Our Cat Herder is here keep them all in one place.

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