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The Our Cat Herder Story

An online portal for managing papers, and communications for Boards and Committees.

Quirky name, important business.

Our Cat Herder provides a tool for those with the job of preparing Agendas, background documents, taking Minutes and coordinating communications between members of Boards and Committees.

It’s an online Secretary or Executive Assistant to Boards and Committees.

If the old method of coordinating members’ timetables, photocopying and collating reams of paper, and storing documents in huge binders was like trying to herd cats, then the cats have been wrangled into order!

Created by two experienced Executives with decades of experience on Government and non-Government Boards and Committees, as well as serving as CEOs to numerous Boards, the creators knew that streamlining the process in the online world would save money and time.

The portal also encourages members to communicate between meetings thereby increasing productivity and improving overall connectivity between members. Boards and Committees that communicate often and positively increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

Cat Herder?

Check out Herding Cats on Urban Dictionary.


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