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Who’s it for?


Our Cat Herder has been designed for Boards and Committees of all shapes and sizes.

The process of organising meetings, preparing Agendas and Papers, evaluating, discussing and making decisions on matters, and overseeing the management of any kind of enterprise or activity, is the same whether you’re at the big, or the little, end of town.

Whether your Board or Committee is working for a small community organisation like a local action group, a professionalised not-for-profit, a Government department, or a for-profit company, Our Cat Herder is suitable for all.

There is no limit to the number of Committees you may use the program for. Once your organisation has registered itself with Our Cat Herder, the portal can be accessed for multiple uses.


Cat Herder?

Why the funny name?

Check out Herding Cats on Urban Dictionary.

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