Case Study: The Association Specialists


Governance Case Study: The Association Specialists

Published: September 26, 2022
Read Time: 2 minutes

Digitise board meetings case study

IT WAS done at last.

The agenda finalised, the board pack (all 250 pages) formatted to perfection, and the invites sent. The board meeting that Megan Ogier spent the last seven hours preparing is finally good to go. For now.

It wasn’t long until she received an email from the chair asking for a few more changes. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last—not until the very last minute. And so the cycle repeats itself.

“There’s nothing more frustrating than a large pack being reordered over and over again as other agenda items come through. You’d have to break it apart and recombine it. It just took forever,” she recalled.

It’s amazing how moving somebody onto a digital platform makes them take a meeting more seriously.

Megan is a senior and as experienced as they come. As the director of members services at The Association Specialists (TAS), Australia’s largest and most trusted association management company, she’s seen her fair share of demanding, unwieldy clients. Indeed, she has overseen most of the 80 associations on TAS’s roster in the 10 years she’s been with the company.

Best of all, it [Our Cat Herder] eliminates all the tedious and time-consuming manual tasks, freeing up managers to focus on more valuable work.

From tracking actions to compiling meeting minutes, there was nothing her team couldn’t handle when it came to managing boards. But it was tedious as most of the work had to be done manually with word processors and email. It wasn’t that unusual at the time (paperwork has always been a big part of the job), yet it was no doubt a pain.

This changed in 2019 when Megan trialled Our Cat Herder with the same demanding client.

With Our Cat Herder, association managers have everything they need to run a meeting at their fingertips—every step of the way.

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