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Effective governance is absolutely critical for not-for-profit Health and Aged Care providers to successfully achieve their missions and serve their clients. However, the administration involved in managing board activities can become an excessive burden, taking precious time away from focusing on strategic priorities and core operations.

With limited staff and tight resources, optimising efficiency in board processes is key for health and aged care organisations. This is where Our Cat Herder's purpose-built board management software provides invaluable assistance.

“Arthritis SA has found Our Cat Herder to be an excellent tool for our board and CEO. In particular having access to documents that may be required has saved a great deal of administration time. Board meetings and distribution of papers is now streamlined and effective. It has made my life just so much easier as a CEO””

Julie Black
Former CEO @ Arthritis SA

Board Admins ❤️ the Our Cat Herder Board Portal
Board Admins ❤️ the Our Cat Herder Board Portal


Our Cat Herder offers a comprehensive suite of tools specifically designed to streamline meeting organisation, enhance collaboration, and centralise communication for board members.

Create a Board Meeting
Create a Board Meeting

Core features like the intuitive agenda builder, customisable templates, and automated board pack distribution drastically reduce the administrative workload involved in preparing for board meetings.

Best of all, it [Our Cat Herder] eliminates all the tedious and time-consuming manual tasks, freeing up managers to focus on more valuable work. ~ Megan Ogier, The Association Specialists

Staff can quickly build polished, professional agendas and meeting documents tailored to their organisation’s specific needs.

Build Agendas

Customisable templates for common meeting types such as quarterly vs annual general meetings ensure consistency while allowing for flexibility.

Agenda Builder Tool
Agenda Builder Tool

With just a few clicks, comprehensive board packs can be rapidly compiled, finalised and distributed to all board members. The agenda builder allows staff to easily customise agendas based on the specific needs of each meeting. Templates provide a starting point to ensure a consistent structure and flow while still allowing for customisation.

The automated board pack distribution feature sends out full document packages to all attendees with a single click. This eliminates the need for manual emailing or sharing of files. Packs are accessible 24/7 through the portal so last minute additions can easily be made.

Board Document Storage

The Our Cat Herder portal also serves as a centralised repository to store all vital board materials, discussions, minutes, and notes in one easily accessible place. This significantly improves transparency for board members who can conveniently find the information they need, when they need it.

Board Document Storage
Board Document Storage

Board Discussions

The built-in discussions feature pulls conversations out of scattered email chains into a simple, structured discussion board format. Members receive email notifications when new posts are added, reducing the need to constantly log into the portal. Discussions can be made available to all of the members on your portal for open collaboration or private for more sensitive topics.

Board Discussions
Board Discussions

Additional Tools

During board meetings, Our Cat Herder provides additional tools to further enhance productivity such as the minute taker, action tracking, and digital decision maker. Meeting minutes can be quickly documented through the intuitive minute taker right within the portal.

Capture Meeting Actions
Capture Meeting Actions

The action tracking feature allows important tasks, assignments and action items to be captured and assigned owners during meetings. Progress can then be monitored between meetings to ensure follow through.

For quick decisions that arise in meetings or in between meetings, the digital decision maker allows boards to efficiently vote and track results digitally. This creates transparency and keeps voting organised in one place.

Post-meeting, the portal continues to optimise governance by maintaining centralised access to document storage, discussions and collaboration. Strategic plans, policies, minutes, and other vital documents remain securely stored and accessible 24/7 to board members.

Ongoing conversations and collaborations remain organised and searchable over time. The portal creates an accessible knowledge base so new board members can get up to speed and historical information is not lost.

The toolset offered by Our Cat Herder is thoughtfully designed for the not-for-profit sector with affordability, scalability and usability firmly in mind. Pricing is tailored for organisations that need to tightly manage budgets. The system scales seamlessly as organisations grow. And the interface is intuitive and easy to use for non-technical users.

Importantly, Our Cat Herder offers a full-featured solution at a fraction of the cost of other board management software. This allows cash-strapped not-for-profit Health & Aged Care providers to significantly reduce the costs associated with governing their organisations. In an environment where these providers face immense funding pressures, Our Cat Herder provides crucial savings compared to pricier alternatives.

A price comparison by The Association Specialists found that alternative board portals with similar functionality to Our Cat Herder were seven to ten times more expensive, which made it hard for non-profit and small- business boards to justify.

Our Cat Herder provides invaluable assistance to not-for-profit health and aged care providers by reducing the administrative burdens involved with board management while also lowering costs.

Australian Owned Company

As a 100% Australian owned and operated company (Our Cat Herder is owned by Better Boards Australasia Pty Ltd) with deep governance expertise, Our Cat Herder understands the importance of data sovereignty for organisations that operate under government contracts. We store all customer data securely in AWS data centers located in Sydney. This allows not-for-profit Health & Aged Care providers to remain compliant with contractual requirements specifying that data must be stored within Australia.

With some foreign-owned software vendors, data can be housed offshore without knowledge or consent. Our Cat Herder provides full transparency and assurance around data residency and ownership. As a local company, we have a vested interest in keeping your organisation’s information protected within Australia.

Empower Your Board to Fulfil Your Vision

Automating or streamlining manual board processes allows these organisations to optimise operations and devote more of their limited time and resources directly towards their core missions—providing quality care and services to their communities.

Streamlining governance through Our Cat Herder’s purpose-built board portal empowers resource-constrained not-for-profits to operate more strategically and efficiently fulfils their visions. In today’s complex, competitive environment, leveraging technology to simplify board administration makes sound business sense.

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