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To make our pricing as fair as possible to all sizes of not-for-profits and for-purpose organisations, the price is based on your organisation’s annual revenue/turnover.

Call +61 3 5429 3786 or email us (support@ourcatherder.com) to enquire about discounts for multi-year contracts.

How do I subscribe to Our Cat Herder?

  1. Start by taking our FREE trial (6-week obligation free).
  2. As your trial nears its end you’ll get an email prompt to subscribe.
  3. If you want to subscribe, go to your organisation’s Cat Herder webpage and click on “Your trial expires in x days”.
  4. Here you can generate a tax invoice for your organisation and make payment via credit card if required.
  5. You can also elect to pay via EFT if you wish.

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Feel free to contact us at support@ourcatherder.com
or phone us on + 61 3 5429 3786